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"Literary journalism : Ethics in three dimensions"


July 2014 ; Vol. 15, No. 5.

Table of Contents

Introduction : Literary journalism : Ethics in three (Susan Greenberg and Julie Wheelwright)

The ethics of narrative : A return to the source (Susan Greenberg)

The ethics of speech and thought representation in literary (Philip Mitchell)

Intimate portraits : The profiles of Kenneth Tynan (Richard Lance Keeble)

Beyond the spooks : The problem of the narrator in literary history (Julie Wheelwright)

The Fire Next Time in the civil sphere : Literary journalism and justice in America 1963 (Kathy Roberts Forde)

The New Journalism and the struggle for interpretation (John J Pauly)

Making a prison narrative personal : Jonny Steinberg, the gangster and the reader (Gillian Rennie)

How to die well : Aesthetic and ethical issues in confessional cancer diaries (Rosalind Coward)

Ethics, trust and the first person in the narration of long-form journalism (John Tulloch)

Between engagement and ironic ambiguity : Mediating subjectivity in narrative journalism (Frank Harbers and Marcel Broersma)

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