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Journal of Screenwriting

Vol. 9, n° 3, 2018.


After Hitchcock : Animation – ‘the bastard form of writing’ (Paul Wells And Chris Pallant)

Analysing the advantages of Aristotle’s two-act structure in comparison with Syd Field’s three-act structure in short comedic animation scriptwriting (Sara Khalili)

How to write a screenplay with a chainsaw (Dennis Tupicoff)

Screenwriting animation in the essay film : The challenges presented by silenced history (Romana Turina)

Performing without the use of a net : Making an animated feature without a storyboard (Jan Bultheel)

Creating The Lion King : Story development, authorship and accreditation in the Disney Renaissance (David Chandler)

Discussing the notion of ‘writing for animation’ : The case of Dragonkeeper (2020) (Pablo Castrillo)

Adapting children’s literature for animated TV series : The case of Heidi (Eleonora Fornasari)

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