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"World of Media-2017"

Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies

2017. Coord. : Elena Vartanova.

Frolova, T. (2017) Subject Competence in Journalism : Issues of Responsibility and Ways to Tackle Them.

Acharya, B. (2017) Conceptual Evolution of the Digital Divide : A Systematic Review of the Literature over a Period of Five Years (2010 – 2015).

Krecek, J. (2017) Buying a Gun not to Use it ? A Study of the Change in Czech Media Ownership and its Political Instrumentalisation.

Raycheva, L. (2017) Transformations in the Bulgarian Media System : Tendencies and Challenges.

Khroul, V. (2017) Christian Media in Russia in the Age of “Networkization”.

Wilson, J. (2017) Communicating in the Absence of Mobile Telephone Network During the State of Emergency in Borno State, Nigeria.

Akpabio, E. (2017) Women in the Tanzanian Media : A Critical Analysis.

Kumylganova, I. (2017) Ethical Education at Western Schools of Journalism.

Dzyaloshinsky, I. (2017) Violations of the Journalist Ethics : Professional Negligence or a Pattern ?

Kalugina, E. (2017) The Influence of Citizen Journalism on the Internet Media Sector : Demarcation Between Online Media and other Network Resources.

Ogwezzy-Ndisika, A., Husseini, S. (2017) Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists in the Digital Age.

Teplyashina, A. (2017) Media Criticism as a Form of Literary Journalism : Updating Theoretical Approaches to a Meta-genre.

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