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"Archive-Based Productions"

Journal of European Television History and Culture

Coord. : Claude Mussou and Mette Charis Buchman

In 1927, when Esfir Schub released her commissioned film The fall of the Romanov Dynasty to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution, she hardly knew that her extensive use of film footage and newsreels of the event would mark the invention of a new ‘genre’ : the archive-based production or compilation genre. Television has adopted this genre, but audiovisual archives have fuelled a wide array of programmes and genres beyond compilation productions. Government, business, broadcast and film archives as well as amateur collections and home videos are commonly used to spark memories and re-enact events from the past in various contexts. They are made widely accessible and re-used in traditional broadcast productions or given a second life in digital environments through online circulation. In this issue of VIEW, scholars, archivists, and other media practitioners consider, highlight and elaborate on the use and re-use of moving image archives in various productions.

Editorial (Claude Mussou, Mette Charis Buchman)

’Plundering’ the Archive and the Recurring Joys of Television (Lisa Kerrigan)
Compiling European Immigration History : the Case of Land of Promise (Andrea Meuzelaar)
’Goodwill Ambassador’ : the Legacy of Dutch Colonial Films (Gerda Jansen Hendriks 21-34)
Histoire Parallèle/Die Woche vor 50 Jahren (La SEPT/ARTE 1989-2001) : Newsreels as an ’Agent and Source of History’ (Jean Christophe Meyer)
Eyewitnesses of History : Italian Amateur Cinema as Cultural Heritage and Source for Audiovisual and Media Production (Paolo Simoni)
Archive Footage in New Programmes : Presentational Issues and Perspectives (Steve George Bryant)

Authorship, Autobiography and the Archive : Marilyn on Marilyn, Television and Documentary Theory (Paul Kerr)
The Television Archive on BBC Four : from Preservation to Production (Vana Goblot)
Visions of Reconstruction : Layers of Moving Images (Floris Jan Willem Paalman)
Scratch’s Third Body : Video Talks Back to Television (Leo Goldsmith)

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