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Journal of Digital Media & Policy

Vol. 10, n° 1, 2019.


The challenge of forward-looking regulation (CHI ONWURAH)

The digital democratic dividend (MICHAEL STARKS)

The multifaceted policy challenges of transnational Internet-distributed television (AMANDA D. LOTZ)

Internet regulation as media policy : Rethinking the question of digital communication platform governance (TERRY FLEW, FIONA MARTIN AND NICOLAS SUZOR)

Literacy of digital television policies : A casestudy analysis of audiences’ knowledge and ‘willingness-to-know’ in Flanders, Belgium (ANNE-SOFIE VANHAEGHT, KAREN DONDERS AND LEO VAN AUDENHOVE)

The governance of digital switchover of terrestrial television in the European Union : The role of policy framing (KRISZTINA ROZGONYI)

The return of public media policy in New Zealand : New hope or lost cause ? (PETER A. THOMPSON)

Video-on-demand services in Latin America : Trends and challenges towards access, concentration and regulation (MARIELA BALADRON AND EZEQUIEL RIVERO)

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