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Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research

Vol. 12, n° 1, Avril 2019.


A critical discourse analysis of Saudi Okaz newspaper front-page headlines : A case study (Tariq Elyas and Najwa Ali Al-Zahrani)

Press freedom and political instability in the Arab world : An empirical investigation (Basyouni Ibrahim Hamada)

Hashtag Unity : Qatar’s digital nationalism in the Gulf crisis (Nurgul Oruc)

The democratic consequences of online media consumption in post-revolutionary Egypt (Alaa A. El-Shamy)

Reshaping representation of race relations in the age of new media : A case study of Chapeltown in Leeds, UK (Irfan Raja)

Brides vs fighters in the media lens : Orientalism, Islamophobia and gender in media discourse on international recruits to ISIS (Abdul Halik Az)

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