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"Media and Democratization in the Middle East"

Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research

Vol. 11, n° 2, 2018.


Writing democracy : An end of author ‘turn’ ? : From ‘fake news’ to ‘fake democratization’ (Larbi Sadiki)

Civic resilience during conflict : Syria’s local councils (Layla Saleh)

Elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran : A source of democratic learning and moderation (Naser Ghobadzadeh)

Malaysia’s breakthrough election : Dynamics of democratic learning and coalition building (Lily Zubaidah Rahim)

Harakat Mujtama’ al-Silm : Democratic learning in Algeria (Youcef Bouandel)

Media and learning democracy : The face of emerging political activism in Egypt (Mohammed Moussa)

’She is, after all, a woman’ : Uncovering gender bias in the Tunisian women candidates’ radio interviews (Raoudha Ben Othman)

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