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Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research

Vol. 8, n° 3, 2015.


Palestine in the British press : A Postcolonial Critical Discourse Analysis (Ruth Sanz Sabido)

Representing Islam in the age of neo-orientalism : Media, politics and identity (Mazhar Al-Zo’by)

The portrayal of people with disabilities in Moroccan proverbs and jokes (Gulnara Z. Karimova And Daniel A. Sauers And Firdaousse Dakka)

Beliefs and attitudes towards social network advertising : A cross-cultural study of Saudi and Sudanese female students (Ilham H. F. Mansour)

‘Don’t know’ responses in American polls about Arab countries : More than just ‘No Opinion’ ? (Ayman Mansour Nada And Hesham Mesbah And Lee B. Becker)

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