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Journal of Alternative and Community Media

Vol 1, 2016.


Introduction (Chris Atton, Susan Forde)

Invited Essays from our Editorial Advisory Board

Overcoming net-centricity in the study of alternative and community media (Bart Cammaerts)
Community media as rhizome : Expanding the research agenda (Nico Carpentier)
Personal reflections on 50 years of radical media (John DH Downing)
Alternative media and the question of power (Natalie Fenton)
The global alternative and community media sector : Prospects in an era of climate crisis (Kerrie Foxwell-Norton)
Alternative media for global crisis (Robert A Hackett)
Living up to its politics (James F Hamilton)
So many questions : What’s the point of researching and teaching alternative media ? (Tony Harcup)
Media at the margins ? After the mainstreaming of participatory media practices (Arne Hintz)
Social movement communications in the Year of the Monkey (Dorothy Kidd)
Towards alternative media as critical media in Africa (Winston Mano, Lynete Lusike Mukhongo)
Our voice : Indigenous communication as a cultural resource (Michael Meadows)
Community media : Institutions, trust and groups (Ellie Rennie)
Human agency and media praxis : Re-centring alternative and community media research (Clemencia Rodriguez)
The state and community media (Pradip Thomas)


Alternative media, self-representation and Arab-American women (Kenza Oumlil)
Putting the ‘love back in’ to journalism : Transforming habitus in Aboriginal affairs student reporting (Bonita Mason, Chris Thomson, Dawn Bennett, Michelle Johnston)
Towards a reconceptualisation of the lumpenproletariat : The collective organisation of poverty for social change through participatory media (Cindy Vincent)
The ‘imagined community’ of readers of hyperlocal news : A case study of Baristanet (Renee Barnes)
Communicative sovereignty in Latin America : The case of Radio Mundo Real (Katherine Reilly)
Community radio and peace-building in Kenya (Jessica Gustafsson)
An opposition newspaper under an oppressive regime : A critical analysis of The Daily News (Pedzisai Ruhanya)
Introducing Community Audio Towers as an alternative to community radio in Uganda (Brian Semujju)

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