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"The ‘other’ alternatives : Political right-wing alternative media"

Journal of Alternative and Community Media

Vol. 4, n° 1, 2019.

Table of Contents


The ‘other’ alternatives : Political right-wing alternative media (André Haller, Kristoffer Holt, Renaud de La Brosse)


Strange fruit : The rise of Brazil’s ‘new right-wing’ and the Non-Partisan School Movement (Richard Romancini, Fernanda Castilho)

User profiles for populist counter-media websites in Finland (Elina Noppari, Ilmari Hiltunen, Laura Ahva)

Young, free and biased : A comparison of mainstream and right-wing media coverage of the 2015–16 refugee crisis in German newspapers (Gerret von Nordheim, Henrik Müller, Michael Scheppe)

Framing the mass media : Exploring ‘fake news’ as a frame embedded in political discourse (Jan R Riebling, Ina von der Wense)

US alt-right media and the creation of the counter-collective memory (Krzysztof Wasilewski)

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