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Journal of African Media Studies

Vol. 11, n° 1, mars 2019.


Radio waves, children’s rights and community communication : A radio for children’s rights project in Africa (Vicensia Shule, Hugo Boothby, Samah Ahmed and Anders Høg Hansen)

Social media trivialization of the increasing participation of women in politics in Ethiopia (Bruktawit Ejigu Kassa and Katharine Sarikakis)

‘Watch my back and I watch yours’ : Beyond Habermas’ public sphere concept in democratic and participatory dimensions of pre-colonial Shona society public spaces (Lyton Ncube and Keyan G. Tomaselli)

Speaking to power through newspaper editorials in Zimbabwe (Mathew Nyaungwa and Anthea Garman)

Boko Haram in the Nigerian press : The politics of labelling (Mercy Ette and Sarah Joe)

Policy, regulation and implementation of advertiser-funded programming in South Africa : A case of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) (Risimati Maurice Khosa and Miyelani Khosa)

Zambian media in transition : Media reforms in an economic and political context (Basil Hamusokwe)

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