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"Politics in a post-truth era"

International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics

Vol. 14, n° 3, 2019. Coord. : Darren G. Lilleker


Politics in a post-truth era (Darren G. Lilleker)

Democracy in a de-civilizing age : The rise of shameless personal truths (Richard Scullion And Stuart Armon)

Discursive construction of truth, ideology and the emergence of post-truth narratives in contemporary political communication (Anastasia Deligiaouri)

Online media impact on politics. Views on post-truth politics and postpostmodernism (Susana Salgado)

Is post-truth another word for political spin or a radical departure from it ? Evidence from behind the scenes in UK government communications : 1997–2015 (Ruth Garland)

‘Searching for something to believe in’ : Voter uncertainty in a post-truth environment (Darren G. Lilleker And Mirjam Liefbroer)

Post-truth, propaganda and the transformation of the spiral of silence (Stamatis Poulakidakos And Anastasia Veneti And Christos Fangonikolopoulos)

The crisis of democratic culture ? (Mark J. Bendall And Chris Robertson)

Reasonable truth (Melanie Klinkner)

Psychological underpinnings of post-truth politics (Barry Richards)

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