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International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics

Vol. 15, n° 1, mars 2019.


The politics of think tanks in social media : FAES, YouTube and free-market ideology (Pineda, Antonio ; Hernández-Santaolalla, Víctor ; Algaba, Cristina ; Barragán-Romero, Ana I.)

Global capital, global labour and global dominance : The case of xXx : Return of Xander Cage (Koushik, Kailash ; Proffitt, Jennifer M.)

On media, memory and laws : The Israeli ‘Law Commemorating the Exile of Jews from Arab Countries and Iran’ (2014) as a case study (Tirosh, Noam ; Gutman, Yifat)

Metaphorizing deception in political communication : The Wall metaphor in Tunisian electoral politics as a case study (Chatti, Sami)

‘Delicate and durable’ : An analysis of women’s leadership and media practices in Vietnam (Vu, Hong Tien ; Barnett, Barbara ; Duong, Hue Trong ; Lee, Tien Tsung)

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