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Varia / "News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere" / "(Un)civil Society in Digital China"

International Journal of Communication

Vol. 12, 2018.


Political Apptivism : Constructing Israeli-Palestinian Political Experience Through App Use (Oren Golan, Noam Tirosh)

Crowdsourcing as a Platform for Digital Labor Unions (Payal Arora, Linnea Holter Thompson)

The 2017 Women’s March on Washington : An Analysis of Protest-Sign Messages (Kirsten Weber, Tisha Dejmanee, Flemming Rhode)

Three Network Dynamics in Iran : A McLuhanian Account (Mehdi Mohsenian-Rad, Babak Rahimi)

Googling the World : Global and Regional Information Flows in Google Trends (Elad Segev)

How Influential Are Chinese Media in Africa ? An Audience Analysis in Kenya and South Africa (Herman Wasserman, Dani Madrid-Morales)

“Digital Citizenship” Revisited : The Impact of ICTs on Citizens’ Political Communication Beyond the Western State (Martin Emmer, Marlene Kunst)

A Typology of Populism : Toward a Revised Theoretical Framework on the Sender Side and Receiver Side of Communication (Michael Hameleers)

South African Activists’ Use of Nanomedia and Digital Media in Democratization Conflicts (Tanja Bosch, Herman Wasserman, Wallace Chuma)


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