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International Journal of Communication

Vol. 12, 2018.


Power Pressures and Pocketbook Concerns : Perceptions of Organizational Influences on News Content in the Television Industry (Rita Colistra)

The Agency Makes the (Online) News World go Round : The Impact of News Agency Content on Print and Online News (Jelle Boumans, Damian Trilling, Rens Vliegenthart, Hajo Boomgaarden)

Live From New York, It’s Trump on Twitter ! The Effect of Engaging With Saturday Night Live on Perceptions of Authenticity and the Salience of Trait Ratings (Amy B. Becker)

Echo Chambers in Parliamentary Twitter Networks : The Catalan Case (Marc Esteve Del Valle, Rosa Borge Bravo)

Who Speaks for the Past ? Social Media, Social Memory, and the Production of Historical Knowledge in Contemporary China (Jun Liu)

Studying Real-Time Audience Responses to Political Messages : A New Research Agenda (Stephen Coleman, Giles Moss, Alvaro Martinez-Perez)

Entertainment, News, and Income Inequality : How Colombian Media Shape Perceptions of Income Inequality and Why It Matters (David Coppini, German Alvarez, Hernando Rojas)

The Ecological Dynamics of Organizational Change : Density Dependence in the Rate of Weibo Adoption by Populations of News Organizations (Yu Xu)

Examining the Connectedness of Connective Action : The Participant-Initiated Facebook Pages in Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement (Yin Zhang, Francis L. F. Lee)

Political Participation in Hong Kong : The Roles of News Media and Online Alternative Media (Chuanli Xia, Fei Shen)

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