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International Journal of Communication

Vol 10, 2016.


Which Countries Does the World Talk About ? An Examination of Factors that Shape Country Presence on Twitter (H. Denis Wu, Jacob Groshek, Michael G. Elasmar)

The Challenge of Delocalized Channels : Transfrontier Television in Poland (Characteristics, Typology and Content) (Tomasz Gackowski)

A Mediation Model to Explain the Effects of Information Seeking from Media and Interpersonal Sources on Young Adults’ Intention to Use Marijuana (Lourdes S. Martinez, Nehama Lewis)

Enjoyment and Appreciation as Motivators for Coping : Exploring the Therapeutic Effects of Media Messages on Perceived Threat (Jinhee Kim, Mina Tsay-Vogel)

Smiles, Babies, and Status Symbols : The Persuasive Effects of Image Choices in Small-Entrepreneur Crowdfunding Requests (Kenton Bruce Anderson, Gregory D. Saxton) Agreeing Not to Disagree : Iterative Versus Episodic Forms of Political Participatory Behaviors (Yangsun Hong, Hernando Rojas)

Jus Algoritmi : How the National Security Agency Remade Citizenship (John Cheney-Lippold)

Source Variety, Event Frequency, and Context in Newspaper Crime Reporting (Rocky Dailey, Debora Halpern Wenger)

Bottom of the Data Pyramid : Big Data and the Global South (Payal Arora)

Mediated Contact, Intergroup Attitudes, and Ingroup Members’ Basic Values:South Koreans and Migrant Workers (Hyeyeon Ju, Sung-Yeon Park, Jae C. Shim, Yunhee Ku)

Communication in a Post-Disaster Community : The Struggle to Access Social Capital (Donald Matheson, Annalee Jones)

The Efficacy of Chinese News Coverage of Tobacco Control : A Comparison between Media Agenda and Policy Agenda (Di Zhang, Baijing Hu, Ruosi Shao)

Hosting Together via Couchsurfing : Privacy Management in the Context of Network Hospitality (Airi Lampinen)

Co-mmodifying the Gay Body : Globalization, the Film Industry and Female Prosumers in the Contemporary Korean Mediascape (Jungmin Kwon)


The Herald and Daily News’ Framing of the Leaked Zimbabwean Draft Constitution and Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Fall from Grace (Albert Chibuwe)

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