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"New Media and Participation"

Interactions : Studies in Communication & Culture

Volume 5, n° 3, décembre 2014.

New media and participation (D. Beybin Kejanlioglu)
Political participation via the web : Structural and subjective contingencies (Peter Dahlgren)
Moving from potentiality to diversity : A typology of Belgian civil society’s online media practices to enhance social engagement (Nico Carpentier)
New media, democracy, participation and the political (Pantelis Vatikiotis)
Diversity 2.0 : A framework for audience participation in assessing media systems (Minna Aslama Horowitz and Philip M. Napoli)
Resistance on the walls, reclaiming public space : Street art in times of political turmoil in Turkey (Tugba Tas and Oguzhan Tas)
Negotiating contemporary romance : Twilight fan fiction (Malin Isaksson)
Redefining aspects of participation for amateur film-makers in the Nordic countries (Jetta Huttunen)
Contra small local slow (CSLS) against adverts (Ethem Ozgüven and Petra Holzer)

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