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Interactions : Studies in Communication & Culture

Vol.6, n° 2, juillet 2015.

Table of Contents
Editorial : Social media and citizen engagement in crises (Lemi Baruh, Koc University)
An engaged public : Considerations for the use of social media in managing crises (Hayley Watson and Kim Hagen, Trilateral Research & Consulting)
Crowdsourcing and the folksonomy of emergency response : The construction of a mediated subject (Gregory Asmolov, London School of Economics and Political Science)
Citizens’ involvement in emergency preparedness and response : A comparative analysis of media strategies and online presence in Turkey, Italy and Germany (Salvatore Scifo, Maltepe University ; Yusuf Salman, Koc University)
Riding the (seismic) wave : The building of a media discourse following a disaster (Caglar Akgungor, AKUT / Search and Rescue Association)
Citizen involvement in emergency reporting : A study on witnessing and citizen journalism (Haluk Mert Bal and Lemi Baruh, Koc University) Hurricanes and hashtags : How the media and NGOs treat citizens’ voices online in humanitarian emergencies (Glenda Cooper, City University London) Transformation of collective action space : A study on the relationship between organizational attributes and ICT use (Zeynep Gunel and Gokce Karaoglu, Koc University)

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