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"Media and Diversity"


n° 5, 2014.

Christine Larrazet et Isabelle Rigoni : "Media and Diversity : A Century-Long Perspective on an Enlarged and Internationalized Field of Research"

Brad Clark : “Walking Up a Down-Escalator” : The Interplay Between Newsroom Norms and Media Coverage of Minority Groups

Maria T. Soto-Sanfiel, Rosa María Palencia Villa et Adriana Ibiti : "The Role of Sexual Orientation and Gender in the Appreciation of Lesbian Narratives"

Inês David : “It’s Not Necessary but It’s Nice” ? Reflections on the Role of Media Produced by and for Lifestyle Migrants"

Kira Kosnick : "Mediating Migration : New Roles for (Mass) Media"

Mélodine Sommier : "The Concept of Culture in Media Studies : A Critical Review of Academic Literature"

Nathalie Régnier et Anaïs Le Fèvre-Berthelot : ‘It’s All About Performance’, An Interview with Dubbing Director Nathalie Régnier

Critical Perspective
Eric Sanchez :"Serious Games ? Four ideas that should be considered when it comes to introducing games into the classroom"

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