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19 - Amour toujours...

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Virginie Sauzon

History/ies : Love and the media in contemporary French women’s writing

Le Temps des médias n°19, Automne 2012, p. 172-186.


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According to some discourses of disenchantment, the possibilities of forming loving interpersonal relationships in today’s world have been irreversibly harmed by several recent social changes, including the rise of individualism, and the emphasis on sexuality. However, this article seeks to show that this disenchantment – particularly noticeable and politicized in the works of several contemporary women writers – stems more from the persistence of normative discourses than from a fundamental change in the nature of intimate relationships. These contemporary writers resort to a political use of intertextuality : by drawing on a feminist context, they represent a number of potential discourses on love in the media in to underline their ideology : they depict women in love as condemned to a hetero-normative, romantic and respectable role.

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