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Gender in focus : (new) trends in media

CS Ediçoes, 2016, 232 p. Download the ebook.

The /Gender in focus : (new) trends in media/ Book was born with the aim to make a recent contribution that may enrich the bigger picture. It sought to bring new insights to this research area, especially those that explore the interrelations and negotiations between (media) communication and gender through the use of interdisciplinary and intersectional approaches. Over the past decades there have been marked changes in gender relations, in feminist activism, in the (media) communication industry, and in society in general. Now, in a globalized and media saturated world, the gendered picture is, consequently, different. The contemporary grammar is marked by diverse and complex tensions. After all, we’ve come a long way, but this area of research and activism is still loading...So, where do we stand today ?

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