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"Presidential Campaign Communicationâ€

French Politics

Vol. 14, n° 2, 2016. Coord. Philippe J. Maarek

Contents :

1. Introduction : Toward the congruence of contemporary political communication campaigns” ?, by Philippe J. Maarek

2. Towards a standardization of campaign strategies dictated by the Obama ‘model’ ? The case of ‘American-style’ canvassing during the 2012 French presidential election campaign, by Anais Theviot

3. Televised presidential debates : Parallel lessons from the 2012 American and French elections, by Philippe J. Maarek

4.Coproduction or cooptation ? Real-time spin and social media response during the 2012 French and US presidential debates, by Chris Wells, Jack Van Thomme, Peter Maurer, Alex Hanna, Jon Pevehouse, Dhavan V. Shah & Erik Bucy

5. Comparing online campaigning : The evolution of interactive campaigning from Royal to Obama to Hollande, by Darren G. Lilleker

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