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"Conflicting Images, Contested Realities"

Frames Cinema Journal

7, Juin 2015.

Conflicting Images, Contested Realities : An Introduction (Eileen Rositzka and Amber Shields)

Feature Articles
Goya on his Shoulders : Tim Hetherington, Genre Memory, and the Body at Risk (Robert Burgoyne and Eileen Rositzka)
New Ethical Questions and Social Media : Young People’s Construction of Holocaust Memory Online (Victoria Grace Walden)
The War Tapes and the Poetics of Affect of the Hollywood War Film Genre (Cilli Pogodda and Danny Gronmaier)
A Revolution for Memory : Reproductions of a Communist Utopia through Tsui Hark’s The Taking of Tiger Mountain and Posters from the Cultural Revolution (Nathan To)
The Long Life of Belgian WWI Documentaries in the Interwar Period (Natalia Stachura)
Choirs of Wailing Shells : Poetic and Musical Engagements in Derek Jarman’s War Requiem - between Documentary and Fiction (Caroline Perret)

Point of View
Matricidio, or Queerness Explained to My Mother (Diego Costa)
Bollywood Bodies : Turning the Gaze from Babes to Boys and Back Again in Farah Khan’s Happy New Year (Amber Shields)
Civil War Photography and the Contemporary War Film (John Trafton)
Argentine Documentaries on the Malvinas (Falklands) War : Between Testimony and Televisual Archive (Mirta Varela)
The British Docudramas of the Falklands War (Georges Fournier)

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