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"Institutions and Agency. Part. I"

Film Studies

Volume 13, Number 1, Autumn 2015.

Editorial : Institutions and Agency (Part I) (Mattias Frey)
Hollywood Accounting : Technologies of Surveillance, Knowledge and Power in Paramount Budget Documents, 1927–58 (William Thomas McClain)
‘The French Who Don’t Go to the Movies’ : Government and Industry Assess the Audience, 1948–54 (Eric Smoodin)
Feminism and Film Distribution : An Analysis of Cinenova’s Management Committee Meeting Minutes, 1991–97 (Julia Knight)
Awakening from the European Dream : Eurimages and the Funding of Dystopia (Aidan Power)
Blockbuster Outsourcing : Is There Really No Place Like Home ? (Marco Cucco)
Disney’s World Cup : ESPN and the Un-Americanisation of Global Football (Jon Lewis)

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