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"Nontheatrical Film"

Film History

Vol. 25, No. 4, 2013.

A Portal to the Outside World : Motion Pictures in the Penitentiary (Alison Griffiths)
Lenticular Spectacles : Kodacolor’s Fit in the Amateur Arsenal (Marsha Gordon)
Four Cents to Sea : 16mm, the Royal Canadian Naval Film Society, and the Mobilization of Entertainment (Peter Lester)
Grierson, the British Documentary Movement, and Colonial Cinema in British Colonial Africa (Rosaleen Smyth)
United States v. Twentieth Century-Fox, et al. and Hollywood’s Feature Films on Early Television (Jennifer Porst)
Documentary Educational Resources : A Brief Oral History (Scott MacDonald)
EPHEMERATA : French Cinema Center Catalogue (circa 1938) (Gregory A. Waller)

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