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Film Criticism

Volume 40, n° 1, Janvier 2016.

Editor’s Note : Film Criticism—The Reboot (Joe Tompkins)
Ethics and Digital Film (Michele Aaron)
Representations of Arabs, Muslims, and Iranians in an Era of Complex Characters and Storylines (Evelyn Alsultany)
"Untitled" : Black Sounds and Music Video as an Object of Study (Kevin D. Ball)
A Case for Close Analysis (John Belton)
Confessions of a Platform Agnostic, or Film Criticism after Film (Caetlin Benson-Allott)
The Film Critic Between Theory and Practice ; (Or : What Every Film Critic Needs to Know) (Warren Buckland)
Feminist Film Criticism in the 21st Century (Shelley Cobb and Yvonne Tasker)
The Glare of Images, and the Question of Value (Timothy Corrigan)
The Dysfunction of Criticism at the Present Time (Gregory Flaxman)
Ideology Critique and Film Criticism in the New Media Ecology (Matthew Flisfeder)
Netflix Crit in the Twenty-First Century (Mattias Frey)
On Not Running in Place (Keya Ganguly)
Beyond Tautology ? Audio-Visual Film Criticism (Catherine Grant)
"What Will Students Ever Do With That ?" (Hollis Griffin)
Film Criticism : the Challenge of the Specific (Tom Gunning)
Digital Auteurism in Film Criticism (Seung-hoon Jeong)
The Academic Film Blog (2000-2015), A Eulogy (Amanda Ann Klein)
What is Evaluative Criticism ? (Andrew Klevan)
On the Couch (Adrian Martin)
Binge-Reviews ? The Shifting Temporalities of Contemporary TV Criticism (Myles McNutt)
"There’s Something Rotten in Film Criticism, and His Name is, Regrettably, Not Johnny" (Walter Metz)
"Witness, Worker, Mercenary : Race and Labor in the New Culture Industries" (Roopali Mukherjee)
GIFs : The Attainable Text (Michael Z. Newman)
The Task of Film Critic in Times of Streaming Video (Niels Niessen)
The Futures-Market for Film Criticism (Dana Polan)
The Power of Black Film Criticism (Elizabeth Reich)
In This World, Not Above It (Richard Rushton)
Third Cinema Now (Sara Saljoughi)
A Matter of (Informed) Taste (Cecilia Sayad)
Audiovisual Futures (Steven Shaviro)
Art and Realism in a Digital Age (Joshua Sperling)
The More the Change, the More the Same (Janet Staiger)
The Subject of Film Studies (Matthew Stoddard)
The Cinematic Return (Constantine Verevis)
Figures for Figuring Out (Chang-Min Yu)

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