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"Comunicación y Política"

n° 41, 2017. Coord. : William Porath, Hernando Rojas.


Communication and Politics (William Porath, Hernando Rojas)

Main Topic : Communication and Politics

Social networks and electoral campaigns in Latin America. A comparative analysis of the cases of Spain, Mexico and Chile (Alejandro Cardenas, Carlos Ballesteros, René Jara)

Social networks, computational intelligence and electoral prediction : the case of the presidential primaries of Chile 2017 (Pedro Santander, Claudio Elórtegui, Cristian González, Héctor Allende-Cid, Wenceslao Palma)

Between peace and hate : Framing the 2014 Colombian presidential election on Twitter (Víctor García-Perdomo)

Political personalization and journalistic infotainment. A frame analysis (Martín Echeverría)

Brand personality of political parties in Chile : a view from the youngest citizens (Rodrigo Uribe, Cristian Buzeta, Javiera Reyes)

Other Topics

Training in scientific journalism from the perspective of the national R&D&i system : the Spanish case (María Dolores Meneses Fernández, Yasmina Rivero Abreu)

Leadership styles in the chilean newsrooms : study of managers’ self-perception (Cristóbal Benavides)

Gay love in two Argentinean soap operas. Between the reproduction of and the opposition to heteronormativity (Maximiliano Marentes)

Web accessibility for people with disabilities in Spanish city councils (Inmaculada Sánchez-Labella Martín, Núria Simelio, Amparo Moreno-Sardá)

Towards quality journalism in Ecuador : perspectives of journalists and media consumers (Javier Odriozola-Chéné, Iván Rodrigo-Mendizábal)

The Chilean screenwriter : Quantitative analysis on the craft of writing for film (Rubén Dittus)

The role of advertising in Spain in the press and radio during Franco`s regime : The birth of consumer society (Ana Sebastián Morillas)

Reconfiguration of the dynamics of the Colombian radio industry in the digital ecosystem (Andrés Barrios-Rubio, Maria Gutiérrez-García)

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