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"The Liveliest Medium : Television’s Aesthetic Relationships With Other Arts"

Critical Studies in Television

Vol. 9, n° 3, Autumn 2014. Coord. : Steven Peacock and Jason Jacobs.

Editorial : ‘The Liveliest Medium’ : Television’s Aesthetic Relationships With Other Arts (Jason Jacobs, Steven Peacock)

Television Amongst Friends : Medium, Art, Media (Sarah Cardwell)

The Portraiture of Edvard Munch (Peter Watkins, 1973) (Steven Peacock)

Dancing on My Own : Girls and Television of the Body (Claire Perkins)

The Ending of Mad Men’s Fifth Season : Cinema, Serial Television and Moments of Performance (Elliott Logan)

The Naturalist Theatrical Aesthetic of Bottle Episodes (Ted Nannicelli)

Three Different Cherry Orchards, Three Different Worlds : Chekhov at the BBC, 1962-81 (Billy Smart)

Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood, ‘a Play for Voices’ on Radio, Stage and Television (Amanda Wrigley)

Serjeant Musgrave’s Dance and the Politics of Possibility in Two Television Adaptations (John Wyver)

Valuing Architecture : Taste, Aesthetics and the Cultural Mediation of Architecture Through Television (Naomi Stead, Morgan Richards)

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