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"Communicating Family Memory"


Vol. 42, n° 3, 2017. Coord. : Christine Lohmeier, Rieke Böhling.

"Communicating Family Memory : Remembering in a changing media environment"

Editorial. Communicating family memory : Remembering in a changing media environment (Lohmeier, Christine / Böhling, Rieke)

The media construction of family history : An analysis of “Who do you think you are ?” (Lunt, Peter)

Bereavement photographs as family photographs : Findings from a phenomenological study on family experience with neonatal end-of-life photography (Martel, Sara)

Sharing grief and mourning on Instagram : Digital patterns of family memories (Thimm, Caja / Nehls, Patrick)

Mediated memory making : The virtual family photograph album (Holloway, Donell / Green, Lelia)

Research in brief. Negotiating family history : Media use among descendants of Danish Nazis (Krogsgaard, Ole)

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