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Communications. The European Journal of Communication Research

Vol. 42, n° 4, nov 2017.


“It’s about politics, stupid !” : Common understandings of interpersonal political communication
Podschuweit, Nicole / Jakobs, Ilka

Media repertoires and discursive communities : Studying audiences in the multimedia age
Oblak Črnič, Tanja / Luthar, Breda

Women, sport and the media : Key elements at play in the shaping of the practice of women in sports journalism in Israel
Tamir, Ilan / Yarchi, Moran / Galily, Yair

User comments about research findings : How conflictual information in online science journalistic articles influences laypeople’s understanding of scientific tentativeness
Flemming, Danny / Feinkohl, Insa / Cress, Ulrike / Kimmerle, Joachim

Epistemological dimensions on screen : The role of television presentations in changing conceptions about the nature of knowledge and knowing
Guenther, Lars / Kessler, Sabrina H.

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