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Communications. The European Journal of Communication Research

Vol. 43, n° 4, 2018.


Perceptual processes and political participation : Do the presumed reach and the presumed influence of social media affect political activities via Facebook and Twitter ? (Bernhard, Uli / Dohle, Marco)

How citizens (could) turn into an informed public : Explaining citizens’ attentiveness for European parliamentary elections (Grill, Christiane / Boomgaarden, Hajo)

Digital media, youth practices and representations of recent activism in Portugal (Campos, Ricardo / Simões, José Alberto / Pereira, Inês)

Measuring media and information literacy skills : Construction of a test (Lopes, Paula / Costa, Patrícia / Araujo, Luisa / Ávila, Patrícia)

Season of birth and media use (Schoenbach, Klaus)

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