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Communication & Society

2017, 30(2).

Laura POUSA and Eleonora FORNASARI : Tell the (hi)story to the nation. Two transcultural adaptations of the Spanish TV series Cuéntame cómo pasó : Raccontami and Conta-me como foi

Victoria GARCÍA-PRIETO : Private television accessibility for people with disabilities in Spain. The cases of Antena 3 and Telecinco

Tamara ANTONA JIMENO : Entertainment as the foundation of television programming between 1958 and 1975

Silvia GUILLAMÓN CARRASCO : Gender Discourse and National Reconstruction. The Narrative of Historic Debt in Raza

Anna MATEU and Martí DOMÍNGUEZ : Unravelling environment and politics in the Spanish press. From Franco’s dictatorship to democracy

Niina SORMANEN, Epp LAUK and Turo USKALI : Facebook’s ad hoc groups : a potential source of communicative power of networked citizens

Sergio MONGE BENITO and Joseba Andoni ETXEBARRIA GANGOITI : Competences Basque Advertising Professionals Consider Most Important to Their Work : A Comparison 2008–2016

Paul CAPRIOTTI and Alfonso GONZÁLEZ HERRERO : From 1.0 Online Pressrooms to 2.0 Social Newsrooms at Museums Worldwide

Marina HERNÁNDEZ PRIETO and María de la Peña PÉREZ ALAEJOS : Analysis of the drafting, enactment and implementation process of Act 26.522 on Audiovisual Media Services : Drifting away from an ideal

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