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Communication & Society

Vol. 29, n° 3, juin 2016.

Table des matières

Charo LACALLE, Beatriz GOMEZ : The representation of women in the family in Spanish television fiction

Josu MARTINEZ MARTINEZ : Searching for Ramuncho : foreign filmmakers in the French Basque Country

Jose ManuelSANCHEZ DUARTE : The Net as a space for political militancy : technology and participation in the electoral campaign

Felix ORTEGA MOHEDANO, Claudia PEREIRA GALHARDI, Juan-Jose IGARTUA : A quantitative approach to the television programs aimed to child and youth audience in Brazil

Maria Veronica DE HARO DE SAN MATEO : Bullfighting as television entertainment during the Franco regime

Oumar KANE : Communication studies, disciplination and the ontological stakes of interdisciplinarity : a critical review

Concepcion FERNANDEZ VILLANUEVA, Juan Carlos REVILLA CASTRO : "Distant" beings or "human" beings : real images and strategies of implication or distancing from victims

Martin ELENA : Framinginternational media in the face of social movements : CNN and Al-Jazeera English in the fall of Morsi

Idoia ASTIGARRAGA AGIRRE, Amaia PAVON ARRIZABALAGA, Aitor ZUBEROGOITIA ESPILLA : Active audience ? : interaction of young people with television and online video content

Guillermo LOPEZ-GARCIA : New leaderships, agendas and strategies : the campaign of Spanish general elections 2015 on Twitter

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