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Communication & Society

2015, 28(3).

Lea HELLMUELLER and Claudia MELLADO : Professional roles and news construction : a media sociology conceptualization of journalists’ role conception and performance.

Juan Pablo ARTERO, Victor ORIVE and Pilar LATORRE : Efficiency and benchmarks of regional public service broadcasters in Spain.

Flora MARÍN MURILLO, José Ignacio ARMENTIA VIZUETE and José María CAMINOS MARCET : Global news, local coverage : how the Basque press framed the horsemeat crisis.

Maria J. ORTIZ and José A. MOYA : The action cam phenomenon : a new trend in audiovisual production.

Luis NÚÑEZ LADEVÉZE, José Antonio IRISARRI and Blanco-Steger Begoña MORALES : The specific social responsibility of big television companies and risk contents.

Luciana MORETTI FERNÁNDEZ : Apology for crime : situational analysis of the communication within criminal commands in Brazil.

Jae Hong KIM and Joseph ABISAID : The influence of community structure on crime news coverage : structural pluralism, ethnic diversity, and local crime news.

Lidia VALERA ORDAZ : Building the news media agenda : Spanish political parties” influence on traditional media and blogosphere agendas during 2011 electoral campaign.

Juan Carlos SUÁREZ-VILLEGAS : Self-regulation of offline and online journalism in Spain in the experience of the Arbitration, Complaints and Ethics Commission.

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