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Communication & Society

Vol. 28 (2) April 2015.

Marta Mensa Torras, Jean M. Grow : Creative women in Peru : outliers in a machismo world

Ángel Arrese : Euro crisis metaphors in the Spanish press

Ana Caballero Mengibar : Critical discourse analysis in the study of representation, identity politics and power relations : a multi-method approach

Miguel Ángel Sánchez de la Nieta, Abel Monfort, Carmen Fuente Cobo : Editorial charters and newsroom councils in media corporations : a view from the perspective of corporate social responsibility

Miguel Ángel Casado del Río & David Fernández-Quijada : References in communication policy research : a bibliographical characterization of the articles published by Spanish authors

María Sánchez Martínez & Raquel Ibar Alonso : Convergence and interaction in the new media : typologies of prosumers among university students

Iván Lacasa-Mas, Michael Meyen, Maria Löblich : Interactions between life, scientific work and academic structures : the case of Gerhard Maletzke

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