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Communication & Society

Vol. 28 (1) January 2015.

Contents :

1- Tom Watson : PR’s early response to the “information superhighway” : the IPRA narrative

2- J. Ignacio Gallego, Manuel Fernández Sande & Ariane Demonget : The communication policy of the European Commission : radio broadcasting since the 90s, from Radio E to Euranet Plus

3- Michael Prieler, Alex Ivanov & Shigeru Hagiwara : Gender representations in East Asian advertising : Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea

4- Alberto Ardèvol-Abreu : Building the agenda and news frames about countries facing humanitarian crises : news values and selection of information sources

5- Juan-José Igartua & María Marcos Ramos : Influence of character type and narrative setting on character design for fictional television series

6- Andrea Oliveira, Paul Capriotti & Kathy Matilla : Conception and strategic management of publics in the energy companies in Spain

7- Priscila Chalá : Unlawful advertising in the spotlight : complaints as a control mechanism

8- Esther Martínez Pastor & Manuel Montes Vozmediano : Pain in advertising : an analysis of the content and design of the advertisements in press after 11-M terrorist attacks

9- Jaume Soriano & María Gutiérrez : Interculturality and communicative rationality : young migrants and their relationships in the online social networks in Spain

10- Javier Mayoral & Concha Edo : Towards a new audiovisual narrative : analysis of five Spanish cybermedia

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