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SALEH Imad, AMMI Mehdi, SZONIECKY Samuel (dir.)

Challenges of the Internet of Things. Technology, Use, Ethics

ISTE / Wiley, 2018, 274 p., $145.

This book examines the technological, functional and ethical problems of the Internet of Things (IoT), a field which has benefited from an explosion of innovation in areas such as digital infrastructure, software engineering, cloud computing and Big Data. The IoT and its derivatives have found applications in transport, administration, housing, maintenance, health, sports, wellbeing and more. However, through its proliferation in daily life, the IoT provokes questions regarding both its positive and its negative consequences, and thus its true ethical implications. The reflections explored in this book offer original perspectives on the techniques that stimulate this innovation and their impact on the process of change experienced by today’s society.

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