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"Ageing celebrities, ageing fans, and ageing narratives in popular media culture" / "The Celebrity of Haruki Murakami"

Celebrity Studies

Vol. 9, n° 2, 2018.

Ageing celebrities, ageing fans, and ageing narratives in popular media culture

Introduction (Anne Jerslev & Line Nybro Petersen)

‘Grey is the new green’ ? Gauging age(ing) in Hollywood’s upper quadrant female audience, The Intern (2015), and the discursive construction of ‘Nancy Meyers’ (Deborah Jermyn)

‘A real show for mature women’ ageing along with ageing stars : Grace and Frankiefandom on Facebook (Anne Jerslev)

Peter Capaldi’s ‘enduring fandom’ and the intersectionality of ageing male fan-celebrity : becoming, playing and leaving the 12th Doctor in Doctor Who (Matt Hills)

Gilmore Girls generations : disrupting generational belonging in long-term fandom (Line Nybro Petersen)

Creativity and ageing in fandom (C. Lee Harrington)

The Celebrity of Haruki Murakami

Introduction : the celebrity of Haruki Murakami (Gaston Franssen)

Haruki Murakami as a cosmopolitan phenomenon : from ‘ordinary’ to ‘celebrity’ (Tomoki Wakatsuki)

The celebrity of Haruki Murakami and the ‘empty’ narrative : a new model for the age of global literature (Matthew C. Strecher)

The literary auto-representation of Haruki Murakami : rewriting celebrity authorship in 1Q84 (Gaston Franssen)

Translator celebrity : investigating Haruki Murakami’s visibility as a translator (Motoko Akashi)

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