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Nouveautés parutions

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"The Spanish Civil War 80 years on : Discourse, memory and the media"

Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies

Volume 8, n° 1, avril 2016. Coord. : Ruth Sanz Sabido, Stuart Price et Laia Quílez.

Table des matières

Editorial. The Spanish Civil War 80 years on : Discourse, memory and the media – introduction to the special issue (Sanz Sabido, Ruth ; Price, Stuart ; Quílez, Laia)

Local memories : Conflict and lived experience in the Spanish Civil War (Sanz Sabido, Ruth)

Postmemory of the Spanish Civil War : Cinematographic constructions of the conflict in the twenty-first century (Coronado Ruiz, Carlota)

The foreign countdown : Historical memory and the Spanish Civil War in contemporary Argentinian literature (Sánchez, Mariela Paula)

Those wars are also my war : An approach to practices of postmemory in the contemporary Spanish comic (Galán Fajardo, Elena ; Rueda Laffond, José Carlos)

Feminine resistances : The figure of the Republican woman in Carolina Astudillo’s documentary cinema (Quílez Esteve, Laia)

Revolutionizing the ‘national means of expression’ : The influence of Soviet film culture in pre-Civil War Spain (Fibla Gutierrez, Enrique)

The Spanish Earth (1937) : The circumstances of its production, the film and its reception in the United States and United Kingdom (Houssart, Mark)

The bombing of Guernica in documentary film : Art and anniversary as discursive elements (Cueto Asín, Elena)

Simulating history in contemporary board games : The case of the Spanish Civil War (Gonzalo Iglesia, Juan Luis)

Wind on the fog : A reflection on the policy of historical memory at Televisió de Catalunya through the documentary Perseguits i salvats (Castelló, Enric ; Romano, María José)

The Spanish Civil War and the construction of Neorealist Greek cinema : An introductory study of Nikos Koundouros’ To Potami (Villanueva Baselga, Sergio)

Memory politics and Memorial Democràtic in Catalonia (Messenger, David A.)

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