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CINEJ Cinema Journal

Vol 3, n° 1, 2013.

‘Not A Terrorist’ : The Representational Alternative of Reality TV in All-American Muslim (Nolwenn Anne Mingant)
Fiction Criticizing Reality : Abbas Kiarostami and the Cracked Windshield of Cinema (James Blake Ewing)
The Otolith Group’s “Monuments to Dead Television.” Independent Cinema and the Migrant Experience in Europe between Television and the Museum (Beatrice Ferrara)
The Body As Cogito : A Certain Contemporary Film In The Light of Merleau-Ponty (Julio Bezerra)
Hollywood, The American Image And The Global Film Industry (Andrew Ali Ibbi)
Law, Urban Violence and Order : Cop Shows as a Brazilian TV Genre (Luiza Lusvarghi)
The Role Of The Refugee And The Impact Of Fragmented Identities In Diasporic Filmmakers. A Review Of Dogville By Lars von Trier (Sara Marino)
Pattern of the Body Image in La Maison en Petits Cubes on the Basis of Milieu and Individual Relationship (Yasemin Kılınçarslan)
Auteur and Style in Nation Cinema : A Reframing of Metin Erksan’s Time To Love (Murat Akser)
Festival Review : TIFF 2013 : The Neoliberal Labyrinth of Cinema (Ege Edener)

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