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25 - De la nature à l’écologie

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Martin Siloret

Breton ecology in the French monthly Oxygene (1978-1985)

Le Temps des médias n° 25, Automne 2015, p. 135-147.


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Founded in 1979 in Brittany, the green monthly Oxygène immediately became a reference for many Breton activists. Stemming from the environmental and anti-nuclear movements, the periodical is evidence of an emerging radical political culture, structured mainly at the regional level. The evolution of Oxygène after 1981 illustrates the difficult years the green movement went through in Brittany and elsewhere in the early 1980s. A contradiction finally appeared between single-issue campaigning and party politics, while the ebb of activism dried up the readership as well as written contributions to the journal, leading to its demise in 1985.

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