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Michael Palmer

Advertising and news, with Lord Northcliffe

Le Temps des médias n°6, printemps 2006, p.34-48

Quality control, Memos from ‘the Chief’: advertising and news/editorial copy, U.K./USA, circa 1900: Harmsworth/Northcliffe on newspapers as ‘big business’… At the turn of the 19th/20th century, big newspapers in various major media-capitals in Britain and the USA, were run by news-men who were, in varying degrees business-men. This article centres on the daily communiqués issued by Alfred Hamsworth, lord Northcliffe, who, during his travels between London, New York and Paris sought to oversee the competing pressures from news-editorial, advertising and sales departments in the running of newspapers as « big business » (from The Daily Mail to The Times…) DrapeauFrancais

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