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19 - Amour toujours...

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Christophe Deleu

10:30 pm on Radio — Love on the Air

Le Temps des médias n°19, Automne 2012, p. 50-65.


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Can we talk about love on the radio ? In the era of the Internet the private and public spheres are merging ; one might assume that there are no limits to freedom of speech in the media any longer. We argue rather that radio stations are not yet free from all control and that topics relating to sexuality are the most regulated, and are still most likely to cause controversy. In order To do so, we identify the socio-cultural context in which sexuality began to feature in radio programs and how public authorities have taken decisions regulating freedom of speech. This role is played by the CSA, Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel, the French authority regulating broadcasting. By tracing the history of the emergence of sexuality on radio and by analysing CSA decisions with respect to freedom of speech we are able to draw the line, albeit often blurred, between what indeed can be said on radio and what is still considered as likely to trouble public order.

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